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August 12, 2006
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Chapter 2: Fox Troubles

               Naruto shakily turned his head to look over at Tsunade from the corner of his eye, unable to keep himself from falling unconscious. Not only that, but the fact that his body was finally at it’s limit, no longer strong enough to endure anymore torment. The Hokage looked over at her patient in horror as she heard his breaths starting to come in short quick gasps, and at the moment they started, began to slow at a very fast rate. Sakura walked into the room looking slightly confused,

             “You called me sensei-sa----?” she began to ask but her breath was cut short as her eyes immedently found the blond fox lying in the middle of the room.

            “Hurry! His breathing is slowing we need to just have him hold on for a little bit longer. Heal him as best as you can!” Tsunade ordered. Sakura broke out of her shaken state of mind and ran over to her old teammate and placed her hands over his chest and began to concentrate her chakra. Tsunade noticed her apprentice was having a hard time focusing and that she looked more scared and worried than anything.

           “Remember what I’ve taught you. Just stay focused, keep calm, always begin to heal the vital injuries first and take your time on them. Your ready, I trust him being in your care,” Tsunade said reassuringly before quickly standing up and taking her leave.

           “Hai! Sensei-sama!” Sakura called, sounding determined as she continued to mold chakra to the best of her ability to heal the wounds, “Please don’t give up yet, you can’t die yet...Naruto-kun...” she murmured

Tsunade was far down the hallway by now, sheneeded to find a group of medical ninja’s and fast, let alone give directions to the jounines who would soon be there to perform the seal.

Kakashi walked into the room and noticed Sakura sitting on the floor leaning over Naruto’s body with her hands over his chest, tears beginning to fall down her cheeks.

         “Don’t die Naruto, you’ve never given up, why should you give up now,” she said quietly, her voice choked, as she talkedto the teen she was trying desperately to heal. Kakashi looked at the girl sadly,

         “Don’t worry Sakura, Asuma and the other jounins are on their way, he’ll be fine,” Kakashi stated. A woman with short brown hair entered the room with a little pink pig at her heals.

         “The Hokage-sama knows you helped with Sasuke’s cursed seal, she wanted you to help reinforce the one Naruto already has, please tell the other jounin when they get here and don’t waste anytime and just start,” the woman said. Kakashi nodded,

          “I’ll be sure to do that Shizune-san,” the man said before sitting at a certain place on the rim of the circle-design on the floor. Shizune showed each jounin into the room and Kakashi filled them in on the information they might need to know. Eventually, Jiraiya, Shizune and the jounin Tsunade had ordered to be there began to performthe sealing process. Sakura was still in the middle of the circle healing Naruto’s injuries.

Kyuubi stirred inside Naruto, noticing the boy’s body right outside the gatethatheld him and that the seal onNaruto's stomach was glowing.

          “ those pathetic Konoha-shinobi are trying to seal me up already? I suppose they forgot that the 4th had to die to do that, oh well I’ll just have to remind them...” The red Chakra on the kitsune spirit beginning to leak out of the gate and wind tightly around Naruto’s body.

          “Maybe it was a good thing those people caught the welp, now I can free myself...”

Tsunade walked into the room with a group of 4-6 medical ninja at her side. Her eyes widened considerably as she saw the markings and circles on the floor beginning to turn red. Naruto’s hand twitched slightly and turned into a fist, thin, red chakra beginning to form around his body.

         “SAKURA GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Tsunade shouted dropping the medical contents that were in her arms. Sakura looked up confused and turned her attention away from Naruto. The teen’s body began to get pushed up by the fox’s chakra and he suddenly stood up on his own. Sakura looked back a moment too late and was punched harshly by Naruto. Sakura was forced backward into Tsunade and both hit the wall with a hard ‘thud’.

        “Regulate your chakra faster,hurry we’re running out of time!” Shizune shouted loudly. The jounin did a few jutsu seals with their hands as if they were one and pressed their hands on the ground at the edge of the circle.

        “HAH! You think you pathetic little excuses as ninja will be able to seal me!” Naruto said, his voice a bit deeper, 3 red glowing fix tails flicking themselves as if they had always been apart of him. The whiskers on his cheeks began to widen and become jagged and his hands cracked, his claws showing themselves. “Or have you forgotten that your precious 4th Hokage had to die to seal ME! What makes you think you’ll be able to?” Kyuubi shouted, Naruto’s eyes turned red and his pupil’s became thin-cat-like slits. He smirked and looked at the men encircling him and looked toward Kakashi, the smirk that was plastered on his face becoming suddenly cruel.

         “I take it you can’t move from your place when your performing a seal eh?” he said as he walked over to Kakashi and put a finger under the man’s chin and lifted his head up while holding up his other hand and cracking his claws. Kakashi glared at him,

“I know your in there Naruto, you have to fight back,” he stated trying to stay calm.

“Oh give it up, that pathetic boy’s conscious is the one that’s sealed away now!” Kyuubi said coldly as he swung his hand down toward Kakashi’s neck.

“NO! PLEASE NARUTO STOP!” the fox looked around annoyed and saw Sakura beginning to get to her feet, “please...please wake up. I KNOW YOU CAN FIGHT IT NARUTO!”

“Just shut up you insolent brat, your voice annoys me,” Kyuubi stated, red chakra forming around his hand and suddenly outstretching itself toward Sakura and shooting through her side. The girl yelled out in pain as the chakra was suddenly pulled out, her body collapsing toward the ground.

“Now where were we?” kyuubi asked looked back toward Kakashi, “Oh yes, I remember.” He said raisin his hand once more. Suddenly a white strand of chakra raised from the floor and gripped Naruto’s hand and pulled him toward the floor. Kyuubi growled in annoyance as other white glowing strands began to rise from the floor and wrap around the rest of his body.

“Damn’t! What is this?” he yelled struggling. The white chakra began to rise up from the floor and hover over the boy’s stomach before shooting in and collecting around the weakened seal. Kyuubi snarled in anguish toward the men, as he felt himself being pulled beyond the gate in which he had lived behind forover 15 years.

“Consider yourself sealed...” Kakashi stated.


CHAPTER 2 DONE! WOO HOO! Heh, exciting no? Kyuubi is evil, poor naruto. Well, see ya. Onto the next chapter! Remember, I luv reviews XD
After 3 years of being captive of the Akatsuki, Naruto is freed and returned to the village. With a dangerously weak seal, and broken body and spirit. Will he ever be the same again? Will kyuubi manage to take over Naruto's body, for good? NaruXHina,XD

okay here is chapter 2...please read and review.....:beg:

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO! if I did, well, I’d be very happy. Anywho’s here is chapter 2. THANKS FOR READING! *THROWS GAARA PLUSHIES EVERYWHERE*

here is chapter 1 >[link]
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Awesome, really. Cant wait for more!!:)
...I want gaara plushies...XD
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